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Lighthouse Learning Academy

Serving families in Elk River and Zimmerman

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Environment: We believe that children should be provided with beautiful and comfortable environment like home. This environment include purposeful and constructive work and provide freedom to the children. Each room is designed to meet the mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional needs of the child. Montessori believed that children should be provided with beautiful things and child size materials. “I therefore began by having school equipments made proportionate to the size of the children that satisfied the need they have of moving about intelligently.” (Montessori, 1967). 



Practical Life: This area helps children learn order, inner construction of discipline, organization, self-esteem and independence. Practical life gives children grace and courtesy lessons and prepares them for social life. They learn how to wait for their turn, how to help and be courteous. “A child was carrying a glass bowl full of water, and he slipped and bumped into something. The bowl fell down and broke into thousand pieces and all the water split on the ground. The other children gather around saying, “Oh, that happens to everybody. We can clean it up.” Then they brought another bowl to console him” (Ramachandran, 1994). This is a good example of Grace and Courtesy.

Mathematics: Many of us feel uncomfortable about Mathematics. The reason might be that the way we were taught was very abstract. Numbers are everywhere, whether it is driving on the highway, shopping or counting the number of people for dinner plans. We deal with numbers more than anything. This makes it important that we present them in a way that it makes sense to children. The materials provide not only basic knowledge of numbers, but also advance math including place value, addition and subtraction.

Geography: The Geography materials just like other areas are set up in a way that they go from the broad range to the narrow. When we give the presentation to the child, we start with the globe that gives the sensorial presentation of land and water. After the child has understood that part, we start showing them the oceans and continents, which is further narrowed to the names of the continents and oceans. 

Language: The adults help the child by encouraging him to speak. Playing sound games help to increase children's vocabulary and prepare children for further development in language. We give children many opportunities to work on perfecting their language. Sound games are played many times with the children to help them become sound conscious and aware of the individual sounds that make up words.  These games are indirectly preparing the child for writing and reading.  When the children become really involved in these activities, their desire for reading and writing increases.  



EZ Write: Lighthouse Learning Academy belives in enrichment and also providing tools to the children for advancement. We have invested into EZ write program. With this program, children learn different strokes that help them with their writing skills. This program is used by public schools and is very popular.